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Automating your deliveries makes your people more effective, your company more efficient!

The AEROCOM Pneumatic Tube System provides the speed-sending of key items between your key departments through CAPSULES that are air-propelled back & forth through an installed network of Tubes!  Items can be sent FAST to the next step in the process, thereby eliminating delays and increasing company-wide productivity AEROCOM Pneumatic Tube Systems reduces process time substantially through the rapid,frequent & secure transporting of essential items such as medicines, supplies, blood samples, specimen, spare parts, raw materials, documents, mail, reports, invoices, receipts, packages, components, tools, etc. to other departments whether near or far in a matter of seconds, saving you time & money!
Our mission at AMBLISH is to provide “HIGH-TECH” SOLUTIONS to SPEED UP your Business Processes, thereby improving company-wide efficiency, eliminating costly delays, reducing manpower costs, increasing staff productivity and providing greater savings for your bottom line!

AMBLISH was launched from its incorporators’ success in developing the Philippine market for its flagship product—the AEROCOM Pneumatic Tube System. 

​And now with 43 actual hospital projects in the Philippines with our AEROCOM System, you are assured of having the Best (and TESTED) product matched with the Reliable (and TRUSTED) experts for your Pneumatic Tube System needs!

In 2018, AMBLISH partnered with GreyOrange Pte Ltd to be their partner in bringing Intelligent robotics for supply chain automation to the Philippine market.

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