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AEROCOM Pneumatic Tube Systems—the amazing material delivery wonder of modern buildings WORLDWIDE—is NOW IN THE PHILIPPINES through AMBLISH!

Provide the speed-sending of key items between your key departments through CAPSULES that are air-propelled back & forth through an installed network of Tubes!  Items can be sent FAST to the next step in the process, thereby eliminating delays and increasing company-wide productivity!

AEROCOM Pneumatic Tube Systems offer substantial reduction in process time by providing a means for the rapid, frequent and secure transporting of essential items (medicines, supplies, blood samples, specimen, spare parts, documents, mail, reports, invoices, receipts, packages, components, tools, etc.) to other departments whether near or far in a matter of seconds, saving you time & money! 

Interconnect multiple departments through a network of receiving stations at your key departments throughout different floors and even multiple buildings!  Every linked department can send items to other departments in the network, thereby eliminating delay!  

User places the object in an AEROCOM capsule, inserts it into an installed AEROCOM station within the room, keys-in desired location, and the air pressure driven system sends it through the tube network and within seconds to the target area for the next step to begin. 

AEROCOM through AMBLISH is now enjoyed by the Philippines' leading hospitals (click here for full list).

No more delays! Faster process times!  Greater staff efficiency & productivity! Lesser manpower costs!  Superb marketing impact!  Greater savings for you!

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