avo nanoshield

self-disinfecting film to protect you from covid-19

This SELF-DISINFECTING ANTIVIRAL & ANTIBACTERIAL FILM can be placed on your elevator buttons, touch screens (queuing/atm/etc), door handles, bathroom areas, railings, counter tops, bed rails, wheel chairs, medical equipment, remote controls, and many many more commonly-touched surfaces.

This is a lab-certified, Japanese-made, SELF-DISINFECTING FILM that you can wrap on your most-touched surfaces to kill the COVID virus that lands on it within seconds and prevent its spread! Apply it on your door handles, elevator buttons, ATM screens, hand rails, counter tops, touch screens, carts, fingerprint biometric systems, tables, chairs and many many more!

Avo Nanoshield powered by Nanoshield™ Film with Silicone Adhesive is a versatile type of thin plastic material available by the meter that’s coated with enhanced antiviral and antibacterial properties of copper. Reducing self-disinfection time from 2+ hours (copper) to just minutes.

This product can be applied to smooth flat high touch-point surfaces like LCD screens, screens on mobile devices, door handles, handrails, doors, tabletops, touch screens, and many more. This product is easy to install and apply, leaving no messy residue behind, just cut to suit any shape and size.

The product is made of the highest optical grade PET with OCA and manufactured under very exacting standards in Japan. Translucent screen capable of 90 percent visible light transparency with a hardness of H & no wipes or refills required.

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